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Ode to a Spleen

My sister is having a Second Act. In a brave about-face, she has left the field of elementary education after 25 years, going back to school to become a licensed surgical technologist. She's going from molding the minds of impressionable eight year-olds, to helping doctors rearrange people's insides. My own morbid interest in people's insides has led to some interesting conversations with her. I'm always eager to hear about anatomy class--what's new with the endocrine system,

Capra's Corvid

My sister is the Queen of Christmas – the antithesis of a holiday humbug like me. She is keeper of family traditions and has inherited all of the heirloom ornaments. Her ceilings bear the scars of stuffing twelve foot tall trees into ten foot high rooms. This is all just fine by me. If she’s cool with having to decorate every wall and window, and with lighting a Yankee sugarplum candle in every corner then hey, more power to her. At least I don’t have to live with her--anymor

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