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  • Susan Gallagher


Back in the 80s I knew a kid who was pure genius with the air brush. For a fee, Jeffrey would paint any band logo you chose onto the back of your denim Wrangler jacket. Van Halen and the Pink Floyd prism were popular requests, and he once did a remarkable rendition of that winged horse from the cover of a Steve Miller Band album.

Today, women of my generation are offered a different kind of airbrushing, in an infomercial peddling liquid make-up applied with the same kind of air-powered pen that Jeffrey used back in the day. Look great over 40! is the promise.

As the intended audience for said product, I’ll agree the results look ah-mazing. If only I had that kind of time.

But today I woke up to the best kind of airbrushing--the kind done by nature when cold and precipitation conspire to coat everything in snowy white.

The grounds around CCEEC look flawless! Every summer job that didn’t get done--the garden beds we didn’t have time to rake, the fence we didn’t finish painting, the parking blocks that need replacement—are all lightly dusted in a clean, delicate white.

Even the hawk coops, with their never-ending accumulations of molted feathers and food leftovers, look spotless this morning.

So, if you haven’t been here in a while, now's the time to visit! If you can't, then at least get outside in your own neighborhood.

Because unlike Jeffrey’s painted work on an 80s denim canvas, this stuff doesn’t last.

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