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  • Susan Gallagher

We Are!

I don't much follow college sports, though I did catch snippets of this year's Rose Bowl game on TV. My sympathies to all those dear, disappointed Penn State fans.

I must say I admire their camaraderie. Did you see the way they occupied half that Southern California stadium, chanting in unison, each of them apparently having gotten the same "let's wear white" memo?

My guess is those fans comprise a very diverse group of people -millennials and grandparents, art majors and engineers, alumni and those who've never attended a PSU class, and yes, even Democrats and Republicans.

Humans really can set aside their differences to unite behind a common cause, and it makes me wonder what it would be like if we could do that for the planet.

We are, after all, united in a very real way by our dependence on the same resources.

We are, all citizens of the same fragile planet.

So, let's pick some colors-blue and green, I propose-and root for the home team.

WE ARE, Planet Earth!

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